EMOST™ Electro Magnetic Own Signal Therapy – new medical method and procedure

The EMOST® means Electro Magnetic Own Signal Treatment is a new medical method and procedure (CE1979)

keywords: ELF (Extrem Low Frequency), ELFMF (Extrem Low-Frequency Magnetic Field), amputee veteran’s rehabilitation, phantom pain rehabilitation, PTSD rehabilitation, anxiety, own signal, electro-magnetic own signals, neurovegetative signal transduction, nerve action potential, cellular electro-chemical balancing, Merkel cells ATP, mitocondrial activity, integrative regulation, neurotransmitter resistency, redox flow, bioelectro-chemie, psycho-neuro-immunity, catastrophic conditions, commando training and PTSD procedure.

The EMOST® team: Dr. István Bókkon Ph.D., Chief Scientific Consulting of BioLabor Biophysical- and Laboratories Services Ltd, Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Attila Erdöfi-Szabó Ph.D. biophysicist, EMOST therapy developer, Pro Deo State University, Chairman of BioLabor Biophysical- and Laboratories Services Ltd, Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Attila Till, surgeon, head of department National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation Amputation Department, Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Róbert Balázs, NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, Lessons Learned Branch Acting Branch Chief, Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Grass Friedrich Ph.D.,  Department for Biological Psychiatry, Medical University of Vienna, Zoltán Sárosi, Ret. Police Lieutenant-Colonel, Founder member of Hungarian Police Antiterror Unit, Branch Chief of Training Master Trainer of Special Units, Budapest, Hungary, Zoltán László Szabó, Ret. Police Lieutenant-Colonel, Hungarian National Police and Provost Duties, Armed Marshalls Training Center (ORFK-KK) Marksman- and Tactical Units Training Department Chief, Budapest, Hungary, István Sass, head of develop, Dr.Gábor Kolonics, Hungarian Millitary Hospital, Assistant-head of Ambulance Department, Budapest, Hungary Multinational Forces and Observers Sinai Mission-surgeon (from 2000 to 2001) NATO Skopje HQ surgeon (2003), Dr. Prof. George Popper, President of International Bodyguard and Security Services Association, Executive President and Professor of International Budo Academy, Dr. Bea Skurdenka, physician, Dr. Éva Szigeti, cardiologist, head of department State Institute for Medical Rehabilitation Cardiology Department Budapest, Dr. Noémi Sima, physician, Prof. Dr. Ágnes Valló, psychologist, teacher of psycho-somaticology, Dr. András Széll, haemologist, Dr. Gyula Simon, mycologist, Dr. Magdolna Tőkey, physician, Éva Erdőfi-Nagy, senior therapeute, head of 7/7 customer service, Dr. László Hőhn, head of emergency rescue, Emergency Rescue Service.

(Short interview with Mr. Dr. Attila Erdofi-Szabo, the interview is followed by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry Medical Conference, interviewer Laszlo KAROLY)

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The Company:

Our company, BioLabor Ltd has got several years’ professional experience and also a kind of conservative approach to life. We have gathered skilled colleagues to organize a team in which people can not only look after the patients but are sufficiently open to cutting-edge technologies as well. Our staff and company proprietors work in different areas of healthcare and are outstanding representatives of general practitioners, internists, surgeons, military doctors, natural therapeutics, pharmacists, haematologists, university teachers, scientists, and every colleague has been using our own-produced technology with success in their daily routine for years. The Company attends many national and international congresses and conferences every year. Recently we took part in the 8th European Biophysics Congress and International Conference of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, International Conference of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at Pécs, Hungary, National Family Doctors Congress Romania, and Neurology Congress at Ukrainian National Science Academy.

EMOST therapy - NATO


The main aim of the Humans is to perform the process of self-recovery, meaning that your body is able to heal itself. I think we got very close to it. After more than a decade of research we can say that humans are able to recover control of their own state, similarly, when we are tired from working hard and go to bed at night and we wake up fresh in the morning. How does it happens? We deal with this process. [download id=”24″]

Daily routine for years:

• Scientific work, education, development of EMOST medical therapy

• Service of EMOST therapy countryside, and sale of BioLabor franchise in Europe

• Manufacturing of BioLabor EMOST Redox medical devices

• Clinical laboratory: serology, mycology, virology, bacteriology, screening tests

• Factory medical services

• 7/7 Customer service, operation (close to 70 BioLabor Health Center in Europe)

The EMOST® Therapy


The body refreshes itself every day: you go to bed tired in the evening, and then you get up in the morning ”recovered”, IE even from the most exhausted state you get much better by „something” while energy was not taken. How does it happens? We deal with this process.

Dr. Attila Erdőfi-Szabó Ph.D., Chairman

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Upgrade yourself your internal processes (EMOST® know-how)

If it seems that traditional and alternative methods are inefficient for healing, and even the natural healing procedures and dietary supplements fail, you should pay attention to the initial phase of a natural regeneration, your self-healing ability, or the lack thereof.

Several studies showed that the extremely low frequency and electromagnetic fields affect the passing of the neuronal action potential and can mimic the effects of the synaptic neurotransmitters. Although the extremely low frequency and electromagnetic fields can only create micro-volt size changes in the neuronal membrane potential, as a result of the signal mounting processes this can significantly influence the passing of the physiological action potential.

The computer-based method we apply in BioLabor®, which regulates the patient’s own control processes, was developed in house. It has helped over forty-two thousand people over a six- year period. It is based on natural self-regeneration, the improvement of the body’s self-healing ability through cellular electro chemical balancing. (Medical device cert.: CE1979/HU-11/6192, EU)

In our procedure the body heals by itself. We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way, that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources.

The method utilizes a connection of bidirectional communication between skin cells and the nervous system, because the skin is sophisticated sensory organ, mediates infinite numbers of stimulus. The equipment uses signals via free nerve endings of skin, uses the autonomous and central nervous system’s signal ways. It works continously interacive contact by the body under treatment (EMOST™ know-how), over 40-60 minuts, it can parallel and continually refine the body’s self-controlling and self-regulation processes.

The Electro-Magnetic Own Signal Therapy (EMOST) indicates the systematic diversion (extra-sense detection) and thematic recirculation (EMOST™ know-how) of extremely low intensity, electric- and electromagnetic signals (similarly to ECG and EEG signals, may potentials) of subjects skin, which belong to the person’s various biological processes.

The device detects the internal signals of body in different signal density (1-1,000,000 signal/sec), some signals selecting (EMOST™ know-how) and makes variations of this signals (EMOST™ know-how), the original and variations transmittings back on skin (EMOST™ know-how), than the skin sensors detects internal signals out of external surface. The nervous system controlling those immadiately as information and coherency natural based energy, than utilizes them according to healing and energy benefit.

Benefits of procedure

The Own Signal Therapy helps to adjust and regulate directly the basic physiological flows, bio electrochemical synchronisation, event-event communications, potentials- action potentials changing, helps efficiency of organs and cells, in signal transmission and signal recognising (hormones), by doing that it helps the homeostasis to recover itself, and helps to recover in problematic cases.

Furthermore, the EM-Own Signal Therapy is non-invasive, no chemical input, its principle is the body’s non-defence mechanism, doesn’t use any artificial electric- and electromagnetic signals under sessions, this natural based signal can guarantee extreme low risks, because it works under the natural range of the body. It also improves efficiency by better coherence.



Indications of procedure:

– regular health maintenance in chronic cases,

– neuro-vegetative based diseases,

– neuroendocrine and neuro-immunological based diseases,

– central nervous system based diseases.

We could effectively treat diseases such as:

anxiety, fear, panic attacks, inhibition, psychic stress related (mental) diseases, epilepsy, depression, lethargy, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmia, asthma bronchial, chronic shortness of breath, phantom limb pain and amputee rehabilitation, rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress Diseases, allowance of risks in implantation, chronic stomach cramps, irritable intestine syndrome, cognitive difficulties, bulimia, chronic constipation, incontinency, potency, conception difficulties, Happy Coctail™, Maxi Vital™, Olympic™.

Potentials in service











Several years of operational routine, high-tech and easy-to use, 24 different sessions (medical therapies or wellness sessions), natural based procedure, the device: personal production, selling directly, favourable price in treatments and in device investment, currently unique medical method at some problematic illnesses.

Technical properties:

natural biofeedback, electrophysiological, extremely low intensity (its functional range is<10mikroTesla,<mV, in milliVolt, picoAmper range), Fourier transformations to 5 MHz (-14 dB), amplifier of signals -20 dB +60 dB (steps by 1 dB), natural based non-linear shaped signals, based on analogous signal processing, cyclical-dynamic impulse emission during interactivity, long of treatment five times 45 minutes, automated, well-indicated, requires 7,2 V DC (6 x 1,2 Volt AA-type battery, recharcable, or alcalic), use with free-enegrie by Solar-panel, portable, medical device certified 1979, directive 93/42/EEC, this procedure may unique of the World in functional sophistication and quality.

 Our scientific publications about EMOST®

• Bókkon I., Till A., Erdöfi-Szabó A. (2011) Effect of Electromagnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment on electrocardiogram and the concentration of urea, cholesterine, albumin, cortisol, creatin, TSH, CRP in serum. Under processes.

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Other clinical results

Veins, phlebitis, vascular wall, varix, venectasia (8), wound healing (6), traumatic bone (3), cardiovascular parameters (1,2), spermium activity (10), sclerosis multiplex (15), pains (5,7,14), rheuma, rheumatic pain (7,12,17), osteochondral defects (13) hypertension (9), depression, feeling blue, lethargie, distress, psychiatrical diseases (1,16,18,19), chronical tiredness (19), sleeping quality (1), fibromyalgia (11,7), brain alpha activity (1,2,5), opioid system (5), oedema, collagen (4).

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Some letters of references

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Strategic partnerships

National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation, Hungarian Army Independent Health Insurance, Independent Armed Forces Trades Union Congress, Hungarian Independent Police Union, National Police and Armed Forces Training Center, Hungarian Civil Servants Union, Union of Hungarian HR’s, National Athletic Association, Golden Hearth Fundation of Cardial Health, Some National and Privat Clinics of Children (charity), Some National Public Clinics and Rehabilitations Centers, International Tisza Cluster Association (ITCA), European Union Donau Strategy, Ukrainian Transcarpatian Develop Office (Zakarpatya), some discretious contract with politics, some discretious contract with manager training centers, and HQ of International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA).


Phantom limb pain rehabilitation by EMOST® Therapy

The amputation of a limb is generally followed by a sensation that the de afferent body part is still present. The phantom pain aftereffect occurs in 50-80% of the patients who have undergone this type of surgery, and the most frequently reported types of pain include burning, tingling, and cramping. Phan¬tom pain generally resolves without treatment, except in cases in which chronic phantom pain develops. Although various treatments have been presented for chronic phantom pain, there is little proof supporting the benefits of pharmacological treatments, surgery or interventional techniques, electrical nerve stimulation, psycholog¬ical therapies, etc. However, Hungarian researchers (BioLabor EMOST Research Group) managed to reduce the chronic phantom limb pain by Electromagnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment (EMOST) method under clinical circumstances. The EMOST method may present a breakthrough in the treatment of patients who undergo a major amputation due to vasoconstriction or diabetes or for amputated military veterans in the world. More info>


PTSD, Enegry-Psychic-Power-Program To the best of our knowledge, the treatment of humans by low-frequency and intensity electromagnetic fields under special situations has never been reported before. In this article, we report on the application of our EMOST™ method (Electro-Magnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment) in disaster situation and commando training. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate the non ionizing biophysical electromagnetic management under real-life and unique conditions and not the presentation of clinical or controlled trials. More info> [download id=”17″] Author’s file in PDF

Professional informations about EMOST™ process (PDF)
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Dr. Attila ERDŐFI-SZABÓ Ph.D., D.Sc.
chairman:  boss (at) biolabor . hu , Skype: dr.erdofi

Dr. István Bókkon Ph.D.
head of research: bokkoni (at) yahoo . com

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