Interview about EMOST medical therapy

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We are going to have an interview with Dr Attila Erdofi Szabo, the developer and chairman of Biolabor Biophisical and Laboratories Ltd about (Electro-Magnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment) called EMOST, which is a new medical technology. The interview is followed by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry medical conference interviewer Laszlo KAROLY

„Our BioLabor company has got several years professional experience and also a kind of conservative approach to life. We have gathered skilled colleagues to organize a team in which people can not only look after the patients and but are sufficiently open to cutting-edge technologies as well.

Our staff and company proprietors works in different areas of healthcare and are outstanding representatives of general practitioners, internists, military doctors, pharmacists, university teachers, researchers. The beauty is that our skilled colleagues are very different but they are capable of a higher-order mission to take their work. Our goal is to set an example about compatibility, dedication and professional service.

How many professionals do work for your company and internationally, how many have got involved in medical researches and developments?

Our team is international, we have more than two hundreds skilled colleagues over the world to look after patients and to provide good services at moderate prices.

Our colleagues regularly attend professional trainings. In addition, there are researchers who continuously collect the latest scientific results from various disciplines. Therefore, we can work similarly as a clinical institution.

Typically, the BioLabor Company participates in about six national and international congresses and conferences every year. We use the gained knowledge to educate the younger generation, in daily practice, and in our examinations. We regularly present lectures to the public about the management of psychological and environmental stress, information about physical-physical and physical-psychological relationships and their importance, as well as about how people can recognise harmful effects.

Mr. Erdőfi, can you please introduce the operating mechanism of EMOST XXI century ‘s new medical device

The main aim of the Humans is to perform the process of self-recovery, meaning that your body is able to heal itself. I think we got very close to it.

After more than a decade of research we can say that humans are able to recover control of their own state, similarly, when we are tired from working hard and go to bed at night and in the morning we wake up freshly.

Own bioelectric and bioelectromagnetic signals of our body system can represent the actual biological processes and when these own signals can be re-arranged, the body can recover itself. Our EMOST method uses the detected own bioelectric and bioelectromagnetic signals from subjects’ skin, and then the subjects are treated by processed own signals originated from device, which help re-arrange own signals of body system and the body can recover.

The major effect of this special EMOST medical device is achieved through the autonomic nervous system by re-arranges of controlling signal problems. Some unique features of this device are the followings: precision, accuracy, no side effects of treatments, and permanency. Usually it is able to alleviate or cure chronic and slow-healing symptoms by low number of treatments, about 5 treatments to a given disease.

What kind of official institutions do the EMOST know how medical device have controlled and used by?

The Electro Magnetic Own Signal method has a Hungarian know-how Our EMOST medical equipment has certificate, CE-1979 mark, according to relevant directive 93/42/ EEC.

Our method has been accepted by NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Hungarian National Police and Provost Duties, Hungarian Military Hospital, Hungarian Army, Hungarian Police Anti-terrorist Unit, Marksman- and Tactical Units Training Department, and EMOST medical equipment was checked by Russian Academy of Science, Ukrainian Academy of Science. In addition, the Hungarian, National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation has been using the EMOST method for two years.

What is the basic principle of EMOST Therapy?

As we mentioned, our body refreshes itself every day: in the evening you go to bed tired after work, and then, you get up in the morning and feel ”recovered”. How does it happen? We deal with this neuro-vegetative regenerating own signal processes.

Our body can re-arrange/ regenerating itself by detected, processed and back-transmitted electromagnetic signals originated from device.

We use the human body’s own signals, what is natural, low intensity bioelectro- and bio electromagnetic impulses (similarly to ECG and EEG signals) which belong to the person’s various biological processes. Under EMOST treatments, there is a continuous interactive interaction between the body and the device.

Our unique signal processing method is able to sense biological events with different signal densities (1-1.000.000 signal/sec, intensity range is between milli- and 10 micro Teslas), and instead of randomly selecting certain moments, it can continually and parallel refine the body’s self-controlling and self-regulation processes.

Namely, EMOST (Electromagnetic Own Signal Treatment) device can detect bioelectric and bio electromagnetic signals from patients’ skin by special electrodes. (this needs a very sensitive device) We detected some natural electromagnetic signals of body, we keep the original shape of wave’s form (this is the uniqe of the World –presumable). We select, and some own signals we enlarge via Fourier transformation, and some Fourier enlarged natural own signals we make amplification between -20 dB + 60 dB, and we are transmitting back the original and the various signals in to the interactive circle of body on an another point. All signals are non-digitalized natural based analogues wave form. The special analogous process makes it possible that the biophysical information content of detected and back-transmitted electromagnetic signal is much precise and accurate than in digitized methods.

The skin (free nerve endings, receptors) detect and re-sensoring the internal signals out of external point, controlling those, adaptation and auto-regulation, and may memorizing those) and the balance control of the electro-chemical processes (modulation of free radicals and antioxidants, redox processes as well as neurotransmission, and potentials/action potentials status) via the electro-chemical processes of the impulses and cellular receptors and free nerve endings. The state-of-the-arts EMOST method helps adjust and regulate directly the basic physiological flows of the body, organs and cells. This is our know-how too.

The EMOST method can potentiate the cellular metabolism, detection and immune processes in a natural way through the electric- and electromagnetic impulses coming from the body’s own range (EMOST™ know-how). By doing that it helps the biochemical homeostasis to recover, and helps for the neurovegetative system in signal transmission and signal recognising.

What kind of diseases were treated effectively with the EMOST therapy according to your last year’s experiences?

According to our last year’s experiences, EMOST therapy presented effectiveness, among the followings: in regular health maintenance, in chronic cases, neuro-vegetative based diseases, neuro-endocrin and neuro-immunological based diseases, central nervous system based diseases.

What are the most common treatments that patients look for?

We could effectively treat diseases such as: concentration, sensitivity, hyperactivity, fear, psychic stress related (mental) diseases, depression, lethargy, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases, arhythm extras, respiratory diseases, asthma bronchiale, shortness of breath, phantom limb pain rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, rehabilitation of Post Traumic Stress Diseases, allowance of risks in implantation, stomach and intestinal diseases, chronic stomach cramps, irritable intestine syndrome, haemorrhoid, bulemia, chronic constipate, skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders, genito-urinary problems, incontinency etc., chemical dependency, nicotin, coffein, stimulators, conception failure, neuro-immunological based allergies among them.

How long does one treatment take and how much does this therapy cost?

The EMOST treatments take about 40-60 minutes. One effective EMOST therapy contains about 5 treatments for a given disease that should be repeated every 2-3 years, because the neuro-vegetative memory can repeat these flows.

The therapy consists of 4-5 treatment. The cost of one treatment is depends on the country’s living standards and joint decision of franchisor and operator. It is generally 45 to 90 USD

Which certifications does EMOST device have?

The electro–physiological device has the medical device certification in the European Union. The company is qualified medical device manufacturer and the production is SGS certified. Medical device certificate Number is CE1979/HU-11/6192, EU

When was the EMOST method recognised in medical science?

In December 2011, our old dream came true when the EMOST method and device has been certified/issued as medical device internationally.

Developer was myself, Dr. Erdőfi Attila Szabo, Ph.D., at BioLabor Biophysics and Laboratory Services Inc, István Sass was the electric engineer at Caduceum Ltd., developer and know-how at Nano-EMOS-MED Medical Device Manufacturing and Innovation Ltd., and scientific researches were directed by Dr. István Bókkon Ph.D., Dr. Attila Erdőfi-Szabó, Ph.D. and by chief surgeon, Mr. Dr. Attila Till.

What factors do influence the effectiveness of the treatments?

Factors influencing the efficiency of the treatments are: dehydration of the body, low water intake, nutrient deficiency, constant stress, constant unhealthy environment, constant unhealthy lifestyle

Contra-indications: unclear diagnosis, vomiting, ventral pain, rapid pulse, vertigo, catatonic state, fainting, inability to communicate, personal sensitivity to the specific process, unexplained shivers.

Who are the strategic partners of Biolabor Hungary?

Our strategic partners are the followings: National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation, Hungarian Army Independent Health Insurance, Independent Armed Forces Trades Union Congress, Hungarian Independent Police Union, National Police and Armed Forces Training Center, Hungarian Civil Servants Union, Union of Hungarian HR’s, National Athletic Association, Golden Hearth Foundation of Cardial Health, Some National and Private Clinics of Children (charity), Some National Public Clinics and Rehabilitations Centres, International Tisza Cluster Association (ITCA), European Union Donau Strategy, Ukrainian Transcarpatian Develop Office (Zakarpatya), some discretises contract with politics, some discretises contract with manager training centres, and HQ of International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA)

Who are the most important scientists of your team?

Dr. István Bókkon Ph.D., Chief Scientific Consulting of BioLabor Biophysical- and Laboratories Services Ltd, Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Attila Erdöfi-Szabó Ph.D. biophysicist, EMOST therapy developer, Pro Deo State University, Chairman of BioLabor Biophysical- and Laboratories Services Ltd, Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Attila Till, surgeon, head of department National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation Amputation Department, Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Róbert Balázs, NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine

What kind of feedback did you get from recovered patients?

We have got hundreds of feedbacks from satisfied patients. According to our estimation, about 80 per cent of patients expressed satisfaction regarding to EMOST treatments.

Where do Biolabor clinics operate in Hungary and in international markets?

We have almost 100 franchise partners in Hungary, and representative medical clinics with earlier version of device in USA, Canada, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Columbia,Portugal, Angola

What kind of national and international congresses and conferences did you attend as a speaker?

The BioLabor Company attends many national and international congresses and conferences every year. Recently we took part in the 8th European Biophysics Congress and International Conference of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, International Conference of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. at Pécs, Hungary, National Family Doctors Congress Romania, Neurology Congress at Ukrainian National Science Academy.

Patients can use EMOST treatments in our country with benefit of the EU social security support. If you want to purchase this device under Hungarian conditions, in most cases, you get a 45% non- refundable support that is due to the Operational Programme for Economic.

Please tell us about your successes!

We have excellent results in Post Traumic stresses, Sleep quality, Fear and Panic attacks, chronic depression,- Brain activities , Problems in cooperation , cognitive functions learning ability, Psychological Damage like nightmare, Labour status after damage, Natural ability to laugh ,Problems in coordination , Burn-out therapy, Better stress management, chronic stomach ache, chronic haemmorroid, ability of conception , embryo preserve, ability of pregnancy Natural Libido and harmonic feeling, menstruation problem in professional sports, Better professional sport activities higher capacity with Olympic world champion and international gold medals.

I would like to emphasize that all of our statements can be checked while given treatments we are ready to answer related to medical questions or offer tests for patients if anybody is happy to take our kind invitation.

We have got hundreds of feedbacks from satisfied patients after EMOST treatments with rheumatics and rheumatic pain, wound healing, traumatic bone injury, chronic tiredness, depression, cardiovascular parameters, allergy among them.

In case of children, the treatments were especially effective due to the large plasticity of the central and the autonomic nervous system in young patients. It was particularly gratifying when we could report about the effectiveness of EMOST treatments in reduction of phantom limb pain as well as improvement of the quality of sleeping and mood under clinical circumstances. It was also gratifying when we performed the successful application of EMOST treatments for stress management of humans under catastrophic conditions.

What are the main differences if you compare the EMOST method with other therapies?

The most important differences are:

The EMOST method uses patients’ own bioelectromagnetic signals, don’t use any artificial electric- and electromagnetic signals, this natural based signals can guarantee extreme low risk, because works in natural range of body, we use the autonomous and central nervous system, and helps in action potentials, and bio-electro-chemical balance. Furthermore the method principle is the body’s non-defense mechanism.

Sorry for interrupting you, What methods are used for the body’s defense mechanisms?

For example, artificial electric and electromagnetic stimuli can induce locally load to the tissue, next tissue increases the body’s circulation to compensate locally stimuli. Sometimes, for example, use visible light, laser, or the energy intake to elicit local warming that also can induce locally load, so the body also increases circulation to compensate stimuli and to avoid tissue destruction. Otherwise, vaccinations, and some like stimulant also build defensive mechanism.

Very interesting, are there any other differences?

Many people forget that the body is organized by about 70,000 billion cells, and also that the body has to adapt continuously to internal and external world, so the information flow is continuous in the body.

The artificial signal forms, the artificial electric- and electromagnetic stimuli do not contain natural information originated from our body. These are only switched on-off energie, with information-less stimuli.

Own signal treatment procedure is completely different. Own signals include some information from emotions, through in the nervous system, muscle activity or from any element of central nervous system and parasymphatic- and symphatic balance and coordination. The electroencephalogram (EEG) brain activity and the electrocardiogram (ECG) of cardiac function include all details of information, so, these are typically own signals, which are originated from the subject, and they are not only continuous variable, but also are unique. Freehand writing has much natural and unique information content but information in a digital computer is template. As you see, there is essential differences between own signals and artificial signals. We only deal with own signals of the body for more than a decade, no with artificial templates. The body itself restores itself with EMOST processed own signals similarly as sleep can refresh us.

Do you have cooperation with International Insurance company in Hungary?

Yes we work together with big international health insurance companies called by AXA, EGON . We work closely with seven the biggest self-managed health funds with successes.

Please tell us about Biolabor’s charity work!

In disaster situations our colleagues strive to help the victims. We try to come first, and we give physical and psychological help to victims and emergency rescuers and His commanders in harder situation.

The charity of our social responsibility is to treat disadvantaged ,seriously ill children for free.

Why and when were you inaugurated as the Knight of Malta?

In 2010, I received this honour (KMFAP) for my medical science results and Humanitarian activity in pediatric.

Dr. Erdőfi, Please tell us about your company’s connection with National Military Hospital and Hungarian Army.

We have got excellent connection with National Military Hospital and Hungarian Army.

Since 2009, we have been serving the Hungarian Army’s independent health insurance for the veterans and active staff in service as soldiers, prison guard, police and special weapons and tactics team. We have also been serving our Hungarian UN soldiers after missions in PTSD Post Traumic Stress Diseases to accept of war tragic events. Some cases we treat amputee veterans for rehabilitation and Phantom limb pain healing as well. We have done scientific publications on these treatment results .

Over government sector, what kind of international military or security agencies do you work together with?

At first I want to mention the IBSSA International Bodyguard and Security Service Association also with International Auxiliary Police Association.

Please tell us about Biolabor’s international publications

We are a small company but we publish scientific publication very often.

Bókkon I, Till A, Grass F, Erdöfi-Szabó A (2011) Phantom pain reduction by electromagnetic treatment. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine

Bókkon I, Till A, Erdöfi-Szabó A (2011) Non-ionizing Electromagnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment. 8th European Biophysics Congress. 23-27 August, Budapest, Hungary.

Bókkon I, Till A, Erdöfi-Szabó A (2010) Phantom Pain Reduction by Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Treatment. International Conference of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. 19-20 Nov. Pécs, Hungary.

Bókkon I, Till A, Erdöfi-Szabó A (2010) Phantom Pain Reduction by Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Treatment. Nature Precedings 10.1038/npre.2010.4989.1

Bókkon I, Till A, Erdöfi-Szabó A (2010) Phantom Pain Reduction by Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Treatment.Hungarian Epidemiology 7/4/Suppl. p:15. Abstract

Bókkon I., Till A., Erdöfi-Szabó A. (2011) Effect of Electromagnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment on electrocardiogram and the concentration of urea, cholesterine, albumin, cortisol, creatin, TSH, CRP in serum. Under process.

Bókkon I., Till A., Erdöfi-Szabó A. (2011) Pilot study, Effects of Electromagnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment on PTS in military actions. Under processes.

We are looking for nationwide (clinics, hospitals, medical business enterprises) and stronger franchise country distributors partners.

Mr ERDOFI, thank you very much for the interview!

Thank you Mr KAROLY”

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